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  • Fuchu hotel offers diners a rare opportunity to try authentic and traditional Zambian food August 25, 2016
    A Zambian Food Fair is currently underway at the Filly restaurant at the Hotel Continental, in Fuchu, Tokyo, until Sept. 15. Filly, a Western restaurant, organized the fair with support from Chipa Mwenya, 25, who has a Japanese mother and a Zambian father and has lived in Japan since he was 18. “Not many Japanese […] The post Fuchu hotel offers diners a rare […]
  • U.S.-friendly Maehara able to find common ground with LDP August 25, 2016
    Former Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara, who is expected to run for president of the opposition Democratic Party, brings a wealth of experience and an America-friendly reputation to the race. Maehara represents the Kyoto No. 2 district in the Lower House, an area in the eastern part of city that includes the famed traditional Gion district […] The post U.S.-fr […]
    Eric Johnston
  • Koenji’s Awa Odori festival celebrates 60 years August 25, 2016
    For the past few weeks, visitors and residents in Koenji have been haunted by a song — a plaintive, pentatonic melody that seems to circle endlessly, never quite resolving. You can hear it playing over speakers on the station platform just before the train doors close. It’s there again as you walk down the Pal […] The post Koenji’s Awa Odori festival celebra […]
    James Hadfield
  • Japan’s shaky fiscal consolidation August 25, 2016
    Instead of selling rosy high-growth scenarios, the Abe adminstration should present a concrete and credible road map for fiscal rehabilitation. The post Japan’s shaky fiscal consolidation appeared first on The Japan Times. […]
  • Denmark’s nice, but Danes live better in U.S. August 25, 2016
    The fact that Scandinavian-Americans enjoy far higher living standards than their relatives in Europe raises questions about the alleged superiority of Nordic socialism. The post Denmark’s nice, but Danes live better in U.S. appeared first on The Japan Times. […]
    Tyler Cowen
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